Gammill Statler Stitcher Benefits

Miles of Memories offers machine quilting on a Statler Stitcher. Gammill Statler Stitcher’s are the best in the business, making precise accurate stitches on blocks, borders and overall designs known as pantographs.

The “Statler Stitcher” combines a Gammill Optimum sewing head and stand with a computer and software program that guides the quilting machine so that it can stitch almost any design. The computer and software can determine the pattern size, the size of the block, stitches per inch, the number of repetitions of the pattern and the offset of the pattern. In addition to being guided by the computer and software, the machine can be guided by hand in either the conventional or stitch regulated modes.

Miles of Memories can usually turn a quilt around in about three to four weeks. Inquire about when your quilt will be done.

The quality of Miles of Memories’ stitches allows them to take your quilt top and make it look like it is worth thousands of dollars by using computer precision to sew out thousands of patterns. We will calculate how many patterns it takes to fill up a border, resize block patterns, sew each one with perfect stitch regulation and then tie the thread off when they are done.

Want perfect feathers, or repeating leaves on your next quilt? No problem, our Statler Stitcher will stitch it for you. Whether you are interested in traditional patterns, nature, geometric designs or popular pantograph patterns, we have designs to suit your taste and budget. We also carry famous designers quilting patterns, like Sweet Dreams, just name your interest.