Where quilt finishing makes a difference.

Welcome to Miles of Memories where all of our profits from quilting customer’s quilts funds the creation of charity quilts. We take your quilt tops and make them into quilted treasures. We turn your quilts into family heirlooms with precise stitches, beautiful designs, and a quick turnaround. Our company uses profits from quilting to create and donate quilts to sexually assaulted and abused children, hospice patients, as well as making crate quilts for homeless animals, and donations for other charitable organizations. When you have us finish a quilt, we use the profits to make quilts for those in need. Quilts spread love and Miles of Memories – Quilted Treasures helps you sew love into quilts for those you care for and those who need some extra care. We look forward to helping your quilt make an impact in our world.

It all started with 75 quilts to victims hit by Hurricane Katrina.  To date, we have donated hundreds of quilts to The Children’s Advocacy Center, Hospice patients and their families, as well as many quilts for animals and animal rescues.