Memory T’s Quilt Pricing

Deposit of $50.00 must be included with quilt; this will be applied towards final bill.


Style 1 Thread-enhanced Memory QuiltsLevel #1

  • Base fabric included
  • All squares are equal in size
  • The t-shirt is cut into unique appliqu├ęs and satin-stitched onto the based fabric
  • Thread enhancements included (as design allows)
  • Corner stores included (depending on customer’s preference)
  • Hand-guided quilting
  • Sashing between each row and column included
$25 per shirt Examples:

Jimmy Buffet Quilt

Goofy Quilt

Family Quilts


Style 2 Custom T-ShirtLevel #2

  • Shirts in each column are the same width, varying lengths
  • Sashing between each row and column included
  • T-shirt used as base fabric
  • No cornerstone
  • hand-guided or edge-to-edge quilting
per shirt

Lady Gaga Quilt

Marathon Quilts


Style 3

Combination Memory Photos and T-Shirts

Level #3

  • Shirts and pictures allover with mixed additional fabrics
  • $7.50 for each photo added
  • Additional cost for additional fabric is determined by yardage used
  • No cornerstones
  • No sashing
  • Hand-guided quilting
per shirt
per photo added
Example:Danielle’s Quilt
Style 4

Basic T-Shirt

Level #4

  • Shirts are cut as equal squares and used as fabric
  • Sashing may be used, if desired
  • No cornerstones
  • Overall edge-to-edge quilting
per shirt
Example:Abbey’s Quilt


Customer pays each way & we estimate return shipping with insurance of up to $100.

Prices subject to change without notice.